Total Alimentos has innovation in its DNA. Over the last years, we have invested in the latest technology for extrusion, drying and manufacturing of liquid and powder flavor agents, which give unique characteristics and flavors to the company's products. Currently, Total Alimentos enters a new technological cycle and is a pioneer in the production of lyophilized snacks for pets in Brazil.

The modernization of manufacturing facilities and advanced production methods ensure more efficiency and better working conditions for the employees at Total Alimentos. Innovation also supports the entire quality system for products manufactured by the company.

Research and development

To meet the need for scientific currentness, Total Alimentos has a partnership with the University of Illinois (USA), which assists in the evaluation and development of new ingredients, products and formulas. In Brazil, Total Alimentos also maintains relationships with major universities, veterinarians and animal nutrition researchers, who contribute to the improvement of the company's portfolio.

Innovation provides unique opportunities for development of new products and ensures greater safety for pets. Currently, Total Alimentos has one of the most modern industrial parks in the world and can ensure the reliability of food sold in domestic and international markets. The investment in technology allows to care for what is most important to the company: the longevity of dogs and cats.