Social Responsibility

Environment and Sustainability

Meeting current needs without compromising future generations. Total Alimentos is committed to building the tomorrow, so it responsibly manages its activities and promotes sustainability initiatives.

Economic and material growth can be reconciled with the preservation of the environment, through the ethical and conscientious performance of the industry.

Since 2010, Total Alimentos receives the "Green Seal" of the Secretariat of the Environment of the City of Trs Coraes (MG), where the company's industrial park is located. The certificate recognizes corporations whose good environmental practices stand out and have a permanent nature.

Energy savings, water treatment, reforestation, waste reduction and educational lectures. These are some of the actions of natures respect conducted by Total Alimentos, which works daily in order to minimize environmental impacts and for the formation of new agents of environmental protection.


All the water used in the manufacturing units of Total Alimentos is collected from the river and treated by its own treatment plant. Currently, the company's WTP has the capacity to treat 12,000 liters of water per hour, making it potable. The Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) has the capacity to treat 10,000 liters of industrial or sanitary sewage per hour. Thus, all the water used by the company returns to the rivers only after a careful process of cleansing and purification.


Total Alimentos, through the participation of the consumers of Naturalis, has helped to reforest a section of the Serra da Careta, in Minas Gerais. Typical Atlantic Forest species were planted at the site, such as jatoba, mahogany, yellow yp, araucaria, pink mahogany and cedar. This action was nominated as "Plant a Tree" and aimed to plant 10,000 seedlings. Nowadays, after reaching the goal and arriving at the end of the program, Total Alimentos still continues its work to plant trees, but through initiatives during Environment Week.


All plastic, paper and cardboard discarded by Total Alimentos is sent for recycling and made into new materials. The same is true for metal containers, which are transformed into raw material for tiles, notebook covers and calendars. Organic waste, in turn, is sent to be converted into compost.

This selection is only possible through the Industrial Waste Temporary Storage Central, whose function is select and store all waste generated by the industrial park.

Energy savings

The recycling of plastic packaging contributes to a savings of over 130,000 kilowatts per year. This energy capacity is used in the manufacture of new packaging.