For over 10 years, Total Alimentos exports its products to the world. The company entered the international trade in South America: Colombia, Chile and Uruguay were the first countries from abroad to market the company's brands. Then it was the turn to win customers in the United States, one of the largest animal nutrition market in the world.

Currently, the five continents of the world sells Max, Equilbrio, Naturalis and other lines of Total Alimentos. This important step was made possible through the technological capacity of the industrial park of the company and the achievement of national and international certifications.

International Certifications

Total Alimentos meets international requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). These certifications ensure the company's expertise to export and guarantee the safety of food sold in Brazil and worldwide.

Strict quality controls and internal auditors ensure compliance with legislation and international requirements. Total Alimentos also performs the detailed management of raw materials from receipt at the factory to the distribution of merchandise.

The animal nutrition segment must meet regulatory requirements, but also to customer demands. Whether in Brazil or in the international market, we need to always offer high quality products. Therefore, Total Alimentos invests in research and special ingredients. Innovation is constant and the result of this work is success in several countries.